Flowers aren't just for girls

Living in a house of all boys can present its challenges when it comes to things that are typically reserved for little girls.  I'm not a girly-girl by any stretch of the imagination, but there are some things I do love and tulips in the spring is one of them.  When I learned that a family from Holland was opening a up a tulip field a little over an hour from where I live I KNEW there was a day trip in my future.  Between soccer games and cub scout camping trips, I found a free afternoon and coordinated with two other moms (who also have only boys) to head up to the fields.   It had been a cool and wet spring so far, so we weren't quite sure what we would find.  I decided in advance that I wasn't going to attempt for the picture perfect shot.  I let the boys choose their clothes and decided ahead of time to embrace the chaos and just go with the flow.

Starting out the boys weren't all that excited about a bunch of flowers.

Then they saw the mud and they were off.

It took all of five minutes to get dirty.  Epically dirty.  Strip before you get in the car dirty.

Because it was so muddy, there weren't many people there.  We basically had the run of the place, so instead of tulip fields, we had runways to race.

And some room to play a little bit of football

Did I mention it was muddy?

There was one rescue mission by big brother.

Despite the mud, the flowers were beautiful.

I managed to compensate the owners for our mess of boys by buying a basketful of beautiful flowers.  The colors and varieties were breathtaking.  I didn't know there were so many kinds and the owners were so gracious.  Thanks Texas Tulips!  I can't wait for next year!